What you can learn about running your own business from spiders!! [guest blogger Sophie Blue]

  * Warning - post contains photos of a spider! *   During the Christmas holidays, I was lying in bed at night, reading my book. I didn't have my glasses on, but out of the corner of my eye, noticed something large and dark skittle across the ceiling just above the bed. Knowing what [...]

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Learning how to trust yourself (Guest blogger Michelle Jack)

    How many times a day do you second guess yourself? When making any sort of decision, how many people do you ask for their opinion? And have you ever felt the excruciating agony of analysis paralysis? We've all been there. We've all suffered with self-doubt and thinking¬†I'm not good enough. This is because [...]

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The one thing every successful woman should have

Written by Wendy Mak     Filed under the section "Key To Success" on Huffington Post, is a video that has done the rounds recently.   Psychologist Angela Lee Duckworth has given a TED Talk where after much research, they reveal the "surprising trait that's much more important than IQ". And it's.... grit, peeps.   [...]

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4 small wins and why they matter

Written by Wendy Mak   #smallwins. You may have seen the small wins I've been grateful for on my Facebook and Instagram feeds recently. And that's because I truly believe small wins are under-rated. We're always striving for that Big Success. That amazing opportunity, your big break, "the" job promotion - whatever it is that [...]

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