My Number 1 Tip For Public Speaking & Presenting

Written by: Wendy Mak   Do you LOVE speaking in public?   Yep, I didn't think so. The overwhelming majority of the population finds public speaking uncomfortable / nerve wrecking / awkward / as-fun-as-pooping-in-your-pants [insert other appropriate adjective here], so you're certainly not alone.   To build my business, I've had to do a LOT of [...]

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10 Quick Ways To Find Money

Working your little tush off but still not rolling in the moolah? Want some ideas (outside of the obvious "sell more") for quick ways to find money from your business? Some caveats --- these suggestions are largely about quick ways to get an injection of cash. They're NOT long-term profit strategies so don't "over-use" these. But [...]

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8 Top Tips For Working From Home

  Solo-preneur? Flexible business or job? Work-from-home entrepreneur? Whichever category you fall in to, if you work from home it can be hard to stay productive and focused, 100% of the time. Like me, you may have an unhealthy addiction to reality TV, possibly easily distracted ("oh look! The cat just licked her paw again [...]

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The Art Of Woo-ing Your Clients

  How do you woo a client? Watch this 3-minute mini business bootcamp video to find out. Woo-ing is a lot like dating. You have to romance your client and take things step-by-step. After all, you wouldn't marry someone without learning LOTS about them first. It's similar in business. You have to take your clients [...]

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