Therese Kerr – Stop Doing, Start Being

Written by Wendy Mak   Another early morning, another 50% make up job and rushed blow dry. But in spite of the (very) limited getting-ready time, I was pumped. I was going to hear Miranda Kerr's mum speak. Except I quickly realised she wasn't just someone's mum. Therese Kerr is a woman unto her own. [...]

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Behind the inspiration that is Lisa Messenger

Written by Wendy Mak   Inspiration. A word that's constantly thrown about especially in business. "Who's your inspiration?" "She's so inspirational!" My regular readers know I love exploring and understanding. And today I wanted to find out - just what makes someone "inspirational"? To understand inspiration is important because in business (and life actually) the [...]

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4 Life Lessons To Always Live By

Written by Wendy Mak   You all know I firmly believe that every woman has an amazing story to tell. You, me, the lady sitting next to you on the train, your boss - everyone has a beautiful story behind them. And today re-affirmed that belief for me. I attended a League of Extraordinary Women breakfast [...]

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