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style & fashion mentor, speaker + author

Wendy Mak has been a professional keynote speaker & media commentator for over a decade.

Wendy loves speaking on topics that enrich the soul, using humour, real-life examples, wit and diplomacy to get her message across.

She’s best known for her ability to take complex concepts and breaking it down in to simple, actionable solutions that you can implement straight away.

If your audience aren’t laughing and loving every minute of her presentation, she’ll eat her favourite pair of Jimmy Choo’s!

Style & Personal Brand

With a long background as a fashion stylist, Wendy has spoken widely on fashion, style, dressing for success & personal branding.


She is a go-to-resource for national TV shows & publications such as Today Tonight, SMH, Cosmopolitan, Daily Telegraph, Woman’s Day, Sun Herald and more — and is well regarded for her opinion and advice in this area.


Wendy works with companies to help employees develop personal brands in line with your organisation’s values, small business owners looking to create a brand that resonates with their market and individuals who understand that their personal brand is critical to career success.

Formats To Suit All Groups:

Wendy has spoken at:

  • small, intimate workshops
  • national conferences
  • client events
  • team-building activities
  • and one-on-one executive coaching sessions.

Her range includes fun, light-hearted talks on fashion trends, to fashion shows & style workshops, as well as deeper sessions on personal brand and the relationship between image and success.


“I have worked with Wendy for two years now and she’s been wonderful to work with. Wendy always makes sure that she knows the audience and the objectives of the workshop. At all times Wendy is professional, enthusiastic and very knowledgeable. She brings a wealth of experience to every workshop and delivers an engaging session every single time.”

– Nicole Woll, University Of Technology Sydney

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WOW Marketing To Women

Having successfully built three businesses — all of which target women – Wendy also delivers a game-changing presentation on the art of communicating and marketing to women.


Through her proprietary technique, the Winning Over Women (WOW) Marketing formula, Wendy teaches entrepreneurs, small businesses and corporates how to craft (and use) communications to gain loyalty from a female customer.

Turn customers in to raving fans

Over the years, Wendy has delved in to the wardrobes of thousands of women through her personal styling business. This has given her a unique, precious insight in to the emotions, vulnerabilities and aspirations of women from all walks of life.

Coupled with her own formal marketing training at the University of New South Wales, Wendy intimately understands the language and emotional triggers women respond to, so you can:

  • persuade them to care about your cause
  • create genuine connections with your audience
  • inspire loyalty from your customers, and
  • turn a woman in to a raving fan and advocate for your business.

Design Your Brand, Design Your Success

With a corporate career spanning roles leading large marketing divisions as well as General Manager at an ASX listed company, Wendy intimately understands how critical personal brand is to career success.

Personal brand is increasingly becoming a leadership requirement – not just indulgent self-promotion!

For corporates & businesses:

Wendy can help your employees understand that their personal brand is a reflection of YOUR company brand + values.

Let Wendy show your employees – with her trademark diplomacy, tact & humour – how to keep their individual personality whilst maintaining a professional, presentable image in the office!

For individuals:

In today’s world, digital & social media as well as your personal & physical presence are crucial elements that can make – or break – your career.

Learn how to harness all aspects of your personal brand + turn it in to your X-factor for success.

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Past experience & credentials

American Express
Australian Institute of Office Professionals
Barker College
Commonwealth Bank
David Lawrence
Northern Sydney Institute
Stockland Balgowlah
The SG Group
University of Technology Sydney
Westbourne College


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To find out more about having Wendy as your next keynote speaker, workshop facilitator, MC or panel member (or if you just want a fun, energetic person at your next event), click here to download her speaker kit for more information and a full list of topics she speaks on.


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