The Best Skinny Jeans Ever!

I know. A bolder statement there’s never been!

And while many women will not go near a pair of skinny jeans, readers of my book The Capsule Wardrobe will know that I believe that skinny jeans can work for almost anyone. The trick was always in the elusive hunt for the perfect pair – and I think I’ve stumbled upon it!

Denim review : Jeanswest Freeform 360

Jeanswest recently launched a new range of skinny denim called Freeform 360. With stretch in every direction, varying lengths (long & regular) and two fits (curve embracer and skinny) it read on paper like a dream come true.

“I NEED to try this”, I remember emailing my publicist, partly in disbelief and partly out of burning curiosity to see if these would be the nirvana of jeans.

So we lined it up and I went in store to have a play with the Freeform 360.

I wasn’t disappointed.

My  verdict

A higher waisted cut, this acts like built in body shaping underwear and sucks in muffin tops. If you’re not used to high waisted jeans, it’ll feel odd at first but will definitely result in a smoother, sucked in tummy under blouses & tops.

Also taking some getting use to is getting IN to these babies. They are skinny! But they have generous stretch (which is the whole point) so there is a fair amount of battling that must be done to get in to the jeans.

After I jumped around and hiked those jeans on, the effort was worth it. Butt lifted, tummy smoothed, the biggest thing I couldn’t get over was how dang comfortable they were to wear.

In the changeroom!

It really did move with me – and felt every bit like a second skin especially for a structured denim that shaped and defined my tush and legs.

I tried the jeans in both black and a deep dark blue, both of which were super easy to dress up or take it to a more casual mode.

Outfit ideas

Perfect with a simple white tank and classic leather jacket


The stretch lets you move, while lifting your behind


Easy to dress up with a blazer for the office


Watch my other ideas from Jeanswest’s latest collection above
Skinny jeans are fantastic to offset loose, flowy blouses and work equally well tucked in to winter boots for colder months. So whether it’s this pair or another – take a punt and try on a pair today!
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