Boobs & bust? I’ve got the swimsuit for you.

Unless your name is Gisele Bundchen, it’s highly unlikely that you’ll be loving bikini season. Swimwear is probably one of the most confronting pieces to try (and wear) in a woman’s wardrobe. So much skin on show! So many bits able to wobble so freely!!!

With these fears in mind, I recently joined forces with Summa Swimwear, a new sustainable Australia-made (with international shipping!) label, to show you that swimwear can be good – if you pick the RIGHT pieces for your body!!

So on a cold grey day in Sydney (because that is how the fashion gods work – we couldn’t muster up sunshine for me!! 😉 ) I overcame my fears and posed my little tush off in public (I’ve learnt that people LOVE to stare…) to show you swimwear that works for real women bodies.

Large bust

As someone who is only 5 feet tall (153 cm) I carry a lot of bust for my frame (12C or 34C). Support is always critical. I look for swimwear that is

  • fuller in the cup to cover my bust
  • preferably with underwire support
  • wider coverage up the sides (under my underarms) to avoid side boob and provide more support
  • secure bra fastener


The Alison top from Summa Swimwear provides a larger bust all the coverage & support you need


As an added bonus the top has removable straps to give you a different look!



Washboard abs is probably a dream for most of us, so if you fall in to this category then the high waisted pant is your dream come true! Most women carry their weight in their lower tummy area – making the support that these pants provide perfect. It sucks in wobbly tums and holds you in safely.


High waisted pants like these are perfect to suck in tums (and bums too!)


All over coverage

If you’re looking for all over coverage and support, a one-piece is often a great choice.

The key is to look for really structured, supportive fabric (which I can vouch from trying it on, that Summa Swimwear is). Cheaper fabrics that are thinner and less structured often just do the opposite and show all lumps and bumps.

Another tip is to look for a one-piece in a print instead of a solid colour. This again helps distract from lumps and bumps whereas a solid colour tends to be less forgiving.

A printed one-piece is a solid, structured fabric will hide all sins across the body


For interest, look for a one-piece that has an interesting back.


Hips & thighs

If hips and thighs are your area of concern, a traditional string-style tie bikini bottom will do the trick. The ties means it’s fully adjustable so you can loosen or tighten it as needed.

This is the perfect folly to ensure that your bikini bottom doesn’t dig in and cause an unsightly bump!

Choose a traditional string bikini to avoid your bikini bottom digging in.


Armed with these tips, remember that the recipe to feeling fabulous in a swimsuit is to look for quality swimwear in quality fabric and then the design that will provide you maximum coverage and support for your areas of concern.

All swimwear featured is from Summa Swimwear – Australian-made and sustainable, with international shipping. 

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